Small part of something larger – assignment complete (sort of)

September 7, 2009

Well I don’t currently have a lens that lends itself to small part of flowers etc.  I just can focus that close.  So I had to think bigger and out of the box a bit. I went back to the Main Street Bridge (used in my show motion assignment).  I decided to shoot a single rivet or a single lattice beam on a great big bridge.  _DSC1517



And just for grins….Lily’s nose (small part of a bigger dog)



Small Part of a Whole – New assignment

September 2, 2009

Due 9/7
Photograph a small part of a whole, for example the stamen of a flower. Post 5 different photographs, choosing your top 1. As always, no post-editing. No contest this round, unless the majority would like one.

:::Off I go searching for a good lens to get in close:::